Meet Abramelin oil. This oil is a VERY old formula first mentioned in the book of exodus. It is based off of the Jewish holy oil of Tanach!! It uses myrrh, cinnamon and other holy ingredients to stay true to the history of this oil!
In the book of the sacred magic of Abramelin the mage, it is said to be used to connect to a higher spiritual being, and is used often for creating freedom, and opening doors for abundance and prosperity.
You can wear this as an anointing oil, or dress your candles, mojos, or other workings to aid in manifesting your desires!

Abramelin Oil

    • All of our oils are charged under the moon and are prayed over so that our ancestors, angels, guardians and guides help us ensure you get the most potency from your oils. 
    • Use as directed to avoid possible skin sensitivity.
    • Do not ingest.
    • Sold as curio only.