A formula that was taught to me by someone I hold dear, and was created for the sole purpose of having a way to consecrate our tools, home, and bodies should the need arise. This oil uses some powerful, yet soft florals and resins to activate and charge the energies in a person, place or thing!!


We recommend to dress a white candle with this oil and pray over your workings or intentions or your tools to ensure they are blessed and empowered to do your work. You may also use this oil to anoint the forehead of your loved one to ensure they find harmony in their day to day life! Subtle but powerful! 

Blessing Oil

    • All of our oils are charged under the moon and are prayed over so that our ancestors, angels, guardians and guides help us ensure you get the most potency from your oils. 
    • Use as directed to avoid possible skin sensitivity.
    • Do not ingest.
    • Sold as curio only.