This is our special blend of cleansing herbs and resins! It’s designed specifically to cleanse you or your space before and after a working or ritual! 

Just sprinkle a bit on a charcoal block and let it fumigate the area to remove stagnate or unwanted negative energy and attachment!

We personally use this as part of our spiritual maintenance so we know you’ll love it!

Smudge Blend

  • Each of our special herbal blends are handcrafted in small batches. We ritually prepare them so you can use them in all your spiritual work. Sold as Curio only and not for internal use!!!!

  • Please Note that our herbal mixes are ritually crafted by hand in small bathces so turnaround can be between 5-10 business days. We try our best to work as quickly as possible while trying to provide you with the highest possible quality! 


    We do our best to package your products so they will arrive safely and undamaged! Additional shipping and hadling charges may apply based on your location. If for any reason the packaging fails or a shipment is lost, contact us and we will help you resolve the situation!