Conjurer is The Mysterious Spirits signature fragrance. This formulation embodies everything it means to be a witch, conjurer, or sorcerer. It smells like the incense of your divine rites in the deep woods. Its sexy, powerful and unique, just like those of us who follow the path of roots, bones and stones. Scent is a big part of American Folk Magic and Traditional Witchcraft and this fragrance embodies the spirit of them both. Wear it as your ritual fragrance or everyday to increase your own power! 
Base notes of Black Pepper sourced in India, Patchouli sourced in Indonesia and Sandalwood fragrance oil.
Middle notes of Vetiver sourced in Haiti and Ginger sourced in Madagascar.
Top note of Douglas Fir sourced in New Zealand.
This is an oil based fragrance roller using Fractionated Coconut oil and grapeseed oil.
Each fragrance roller comes with a prefilled 10ml clear glass rollerball bottle with a steel rollerball to ensure longevity.

"Conjurer" Perfume Oil Roller

    • Consult a physician before using any essential oil product.
    • Use as directed to avoid possible skin sensitivity.
    • Do not ingest.
    • Sold as curio only.