Our spiritual baths are an herbal bath salt blend that contains herbs, roots and essential oils to conjure up a manifestation of the desired result! 

Our Dragons Blood Bath is a special formula we conjured up to use in conjunction with workings where you require more power in all area of luck, love, finances and protection/cleansing! It's one of our more all purpose baths that create a truly blessed aura around you. It's gets its color from our oil infused with AUTHENTIC Dragons Blood resin. We specifically curated the roots, herbs and oils in this bath to empower all areas of your life and work. It's one of our favorites! 

All of our baths are made and blessed to order.

When have formulated this bath using high quality essential oils, and herbs. It does contain loose herbs, so if you don't want the herbs loose in the bath, use a cheesecloth bag or a piece of stocking, to create a straining bag! 

It's sold as a curio only. For external use only. The Mysterious Spirit and its proprietors and partners are not responsible for the misuse of this product.

Dragons Blood Bath