This smudge is crafted using organic white mountain sage sourced in the USA. There is a long history and tradition of using white sage to cleanse the space of negative energies or vibrations. There is a rich blend of Native American folk traditions that melt into Hoodoo. We created this smudge for when you want to clear an area and be discreet about it! I keep one in my office to smudge the space without setting off the smoke detectors!!! Its a concentrated formula, so a few sprays will do! You will not only smell, but feel the cleansing power of this water! Its a must have for any witch or worker!!! 


Made in limited batches!!!! Keep out of the heat and direct sunlight! Roughly a three month shelf life! I doubt it will last that long once you feel it work! ;)

Smokeless Smudge

    • Avoid use near high heat or open flame.
    • Use as directed to avoid any skin sensitivity.
    • Sold as curio only.
    • Ths product is lightly filtered during its creation. There may be some sediment in your bottle. Its normal!!