An original formula we designed with a very particular purpose. 

Bees aren't primal hunters, and they only sting you if you disturb or threaten them or their hive. The inclusion of bees in this work brings about that energy. Use this oil to lay a trick on your enemies or rivals. By doing so, you will ensure that if and when they disturb or threaten you, the energy of the bees will sting them. 

It's quite a simple rule, they leave you be, this oil will leave them be! 

Our favorite way to use this is in a mirror jar. Place all your concerns, roots and herbs in a jar, with mirror shards and a picture of your target. Sprinkle the contents with stinging oil and chili flakes. Seal the jar. Burn a black candle on the jar that has been dressed with stinging oil, every night for five nights while asking your spirits for their assistance to protect you from their malicious intent, whilst attacking the target should they play dirty. Bury the jar in a graveyard or crossroads to seal the spell. 

This is a powerful oil and a little goes a long way. 

NOTE: The bees used in this formula are collected in the wild and are dead upon arrival. 

We make this oil in limited batches and it is bottled to order! 

Stinging Oil