One of the most IMPORTANT ranges of products we offer!!

To remove crossed conditions, bad luck, bad energy, or to just refresh your aura from the stagnate weight of the world!

This ritual bundle is specially priced and gives you everything you will need to perform a work to cleanse your body and spirit!!! Whether you are a novice practitioner or experienced worker, we think you will find these bundles handy!

In this bundle you will receive one of each of the following:

1- 1/2 oz Vial of our Uncrossing Oil
1- White Candle
1- Ritually Crafted Herbal Bath Salt
1- Sachet of our Uncrossing Loose Incense
1- Sachet of our Uncrossing herbal mix
1- Sachet of our Pre Ritual cleansing smudge blend
1- Grimoire Page for your grimoire with detailed instructions on how to work the root for this type of work! This is a special item only crafted here at the Mysterious Spirit, by our in house witches! These are their tried and true workings that they have used time and again to achieve results!

These bundles are sold as curio only and the results are based on the worker using them! Follow the instructions for the best use.

Uncrossing Ritual Bundle



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