Van Van is a traditonal Hoodoo formula used by rootworkers as an all purpose oil. Our formula stays true to the tradition using lemongrass, citronella and galangal root and other herbs to cut and clear blockages and negativity, draw luck, convert bad luck to good, and to anoint yourself or tools for a positive outcome in your workings! When in doubt, try using our Van Van to dress your candles or mojos. 
Directions for use:
Use a few drops to dress your candles, mojo bags, tools or yourself to reach the spirits/energies that will help you manifest your desired outcome.

Van Van Oil

    • All of our oils are charged under the moon and are prayed over so that our ancestors, angels, guardians and guides help us ensure you get the most potency from your oils. 
    • Use as directed to avoid possible skin sensitivity.
    • Do not ingest.
    • Sold as curio only.