You just finished a ritual or meditation in the deepest part of the woods. It has just finished raining, as you catch the lingering scent of your sandalwood incense. You come to some thicket, there is a cluster of wild roses, wet with rainwater, releasing the softest, sweetest rose fragrance. Wild Rose is an experience in a bottle. Pulling all of the beauty and depth that nature has to offer, we have bottled a soft, sexy, and subtly powerful fragrance of wild roses in the woods after a cleansing rain! This is sure to be your everyday fragrance if you want to leave a mark in any room you enter! 


Base notes of Patchouli sourced in Indonesia, Sandalwood fragrance oil and Vetiver sourced in Haiti.

Middle notes of Palmarosa and Rose fragrance oil.

Top note of bright Lime soruced in Brazil.


This is an oil based fragrance roller using Fractionated Coconut oil and grapeseed oil.


Each fragrance roller comes with a prefilled 10ml clear glass rollerball bottle with a steel rollerball to ensure longevity. 

"Wild Rose" Perfume Oil Roller

    • Consult a physician before using any essential oil product.
    • Use as directed to avoid possible skin sensitivity.
    • Do not ingest.
    • Sold as curio only.